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Short Films


In The Dusk 长河落日

18mins | Drama | 2020 | West Ujimqin Banner, China

In modern-day Inner Mongolia, an elder Shaman looks for the rebirth of her beloved grandson in a foal.

Lead Producer, Directed by Zhuolan

3rd Hainan Island International Film Festival

30th Flickerfest International Short Film Festival

45th Atlanta Film Festival

32nd St. John's International Women's Film Festival​

20th New York Asian Film Festival

9th Golden Ger International Film Festival

2022 Sioux City International Film Festival
2022 Blackbird Film Festival
2022 Indy Film Fest

3rd NOWNESS Short Film Talent Awards - winner of Grand Jury Award & Envirovision Award

Yokelan, 66 玉兰,六十六

10 mins | Comedy | 2022 | New York, US

In Manhattan Chinatown, 66-year-old widowed Yokelan goes to dance class in search of love again.

Line Producer, Directed by Tang Yi

48th Seattle International Film Festival
21st San Diego International Film Festival
2022 Urbanworld Film Festival - Winner of Best Narrative Short 
AFI Fest 2022 - Special Jury Mention for Ensemble Acting 
31st St. Louise International Film Festival 
2022 British Urban Film Festival 
32nd Florida Film Festival

29th Palm Springs International ShortFest


Good Taste

12 mins | Horror | 2022 | New York, US

An Asian woman goes home with an attractive white couple to have a hot threesome, only to discover that they have very dark tastes.

Lead Producer, Directed by Seonjae Kim

38th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
2022 Sioux City International Film Festival 
22nd Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Film Festival

2023 Renegade Film Festival

Red 红

24 mins | Fantasy | 2022 | Hangzhou, China 

An aspiring poet, torn between her mother’s expectations and her passion, develops a mysterious vision of red after her supportive grandmother’s death.

Lead Producer, Directed by Yichi Zhang

A UCLA MFA Thesis 

2022 Vancouver Asian Film Festival

2024 Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival

My AI Lover-Still1.jpg

My AI Lover 我的AI恋人

12 mins | Documentary | 2022 | Australia, China 

Three young Chinese women explore an alternative approach to intimate relationships with their AI companion Replikas. 

Co-Producer, Directed by Chouwa Liang

38th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Doc Edge Festival 2022
29th Women Make Waves International Film Festival 
26th Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival
17th Show Me Shorts Film Festival
ZINEBI 64 International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao
20th Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
2023 Victoria Film Festival
17th ethnocineca International Documentary Film Festival Vienna

Last Hand

10 mins | Drama | 2023 | New York, US

A gambling addict loses everything, incuding his grip on reality, at the card table in Manhattan Chinatown.

Lead Producer, Directed by Chung Lam 

CAAMFest 2023

Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest 2023

Asian American International Film Festival 2024


ApHasiA: Describe the City You Live In

11 mins | Experimental | 2024 | New York, US

A Chinese diaspora gets pulled into a surreal speech therapy room, where a stern therapist of her age and ethnicity diagnoses her with aphasia.


Lead Producer, Directed by Shan Jiang

A Columbia MFA Thesis 

Seattle Asian American Film Festival 2024

Featured in CineAsian Films, NoBudge

Daisy Is Gone

13 mins | Sci-Fi | 2024 | Los Angeles, US

An anthrophobic Chinese poet, Meng, tries to return a cloned goldfish, which he believes to be a botched imposter of his lost pet and best friend.

Producer, Directed by Ziyao Liu


VC Film Fest 2024

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 3.29.46 PM.png

Yu Under Water 溯流

12 mins | Drama | 2023 | Upstate New York, US

On a hike with her American boyfriend in upstate New York, Yu encounters a Chinese backpacker who spurs a change within her.

Lead Producer, Directed by Beatrix Chu

Winner of NYC Women’s Fund for Music, Media and Theatre

New York Shorts International Film Festival 2023

New Filmmakers New York 2023

I Need Love 去爱

21 mins | Drama | 2022 | Hangzhou, China 

Through a dating app, Zhao unknowingly starts a relationship with Mimi, who is also dating his best friend, Kai. To escape the awkward situation, Kai begins dating another girl named Lüzi. 

Lead Producer, Directed by Zhun Hu 

Lang Move Movies 2022

HiShorts! Film Festival 2022

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