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The idols of Ensemble Square appear in Times Square!

Client: Happy Elements

Production Company: Osmanthus Studios 

New York, US

Satine Milk x Wu Yibing 吴易昺

Client: Satine 金典 

Production Company: Melt Pictures, TPSS

New York, US

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 11.42_edited.j

vivo OriginOS Ocean Teaser

Client: vivo 

Production Company: Melt Pictures, VST

New York, US

Carslan 卡姿兰 x Michèle Burke

Client: Carslan Cosmetics 卡姿兰 

Production Company: Osmanthus Studios, MOY PRO

Los Angeles, US

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 5.08.34 PM.png

W8VES Debut Teasers

Client: 88rising 

Shanghai, China 

REEL Light Corporate Video

Client: REEL 瑞林光环境

Production Company: Midday Hill

Hangzhou, China 

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